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From time to time we highlight amazing photographers from around the country. Today we turn our spotlight onto a portrait photographer in Jackson WY who enjoys shooting out in nature.

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Capturing the perfect portrait is no easy task. However, Flo from Florence McCall Photography seems to be able to do it with ease. Perhaps this is due to her passion for photography, her knowledge on lighting, or maybe it’s the result of over twenty years or experience.

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In Business For Over Two Decades

Surviving in the world of photography is a huge accomplishment, especially when you consider the fact that this business has been operating for over two decades. What once started as a career in photojournalism in San Francisco evolved into what Flo loves to do today which is providing quality portraits for a wide variety of needs.

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It’s no surprise with so much experience that Florence McCall Photography satisfies their clients time and time again. No matter what type of portrait you’re looking for, Flo definitely has you covered.

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Enjoy Each Photoshoot

One thing in particular that her clients enjoy is the close bond that is formed. The relationship established before, during, and after her shoots goes much further than what you’ll find with most other photography teams.

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Pride In Her Work

Believe it or not, Flo handles nearly everything on her own. Some may think that this would be overwhelming, but this photographer actually sees it as a benefit. Flo’s small team size allows her to work one on one with her clients. There’s no need to worry about uncertainty when it comes to who your photographer will be. She literally walks step by step with her clients though the entire process.

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Her many years of experience has given her an advantage in her trade. You can go to any school, have the best equipment, and have an incredible amount of passion but nothing compares to what you’ll learn and the skills you pick up after doing what you love for years.

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Flo specializes is wall portraits. The beauty she is able to capture in her portraits can make any house feel like a home while adding an artistic touch to empty wall space at the same time. Not only is her work beautiful, it’s elegant and quite stylish at the same time.

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Donates Her Time

After surviving the financial hardships that most people experience when starting their own business, Flo makes it a point to help others in need and give back to her community. As an animal lover, Flo proudly donates her time and work to many of the animal shelters in the area of Jackson Wyoming.

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Aside from animal shelters, Florence McCall Photography also takes pride in donating time to shoot free sessions and provide wall prints to local non-profits in an effort to help them raise funds for their cause.

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You can tell a lot about a business by taking a moment to look at who runs it. Integrity, compassion, professionalism, and great passion are all characteristics that contribute to this photography company being so successful.

Florence McCall Photography Jackson WY
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There’s no need to settle for anything less than the best when looking for the right portrait photographer. While Florence McCall is currently based in Wyoming, Flo is willing to travel. Chances are likely that she will come to you so that you can enjoy your own piece of Florence McCall Photography’s work.

If you are interested in working with Flo, you can contact her on her website, social media or over the phone:

(307) 733-0746

Not Just Nature Photography

We have always had a major draw towards nature. There is something beautiful in being outdoors and taking in the beauty. Most of out photography has always been focused on a nature aspect but we have decided to branch out.

In the past we have wanted to highlight and share many different photographers but have been limited in scope as we have always just focused and scenic and landscape shots.

Not anymore!

Moving forward, we will be sharing our favorite photographers that have many different focuses. We will share portrait photographers, wedding photographers, animals photographers, sports/action photographers along with our favorite, nature photographers 🙂

We hope you enjoy the new direction we are taking and hope you enjoy the new change as much as us!