Temperature Screeners, Human Fever Scan, Body temperature Scan

2018-10-11 557

G320 is a indeal body temperature measurement system for COVID-19, which ensure non-contact inspection in the airport, station, and mall, etc.

Non-contact Body Temperature Measurement System G320: Fever scanner (Temperature Screeners, Human Fever Scan, Body temperature Scan) for Temperature Screening/Scanning of fever like symptoms such as COVID-19 (the new coronavirus), MERS, SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu

The early detection of COVID-19 prevents the spread of this contagious disease. To cope with the worldwide epidemic, G320 is specially designed, with infrared thermal imaging, high-definition visible imaging technologies, on-line temperature measurement, temperature alarm and face recognition.

It can be widely used in airports, railways, subways, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, enterprises, institutions and other places where people are crowded, to help identify individuals with fever instantly, safely and efficiently.


- No human contact

- Reduce manpower: no longer need someone to measure and record as system does it all

- Long measuring distance: 2-7m

- Temperature Alarm set: Sound & light, high-definition face capture of over temperature personnel

- Fast speed scanning: scan the temperature in 2 seconds with tolerance±0.5℃